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MDMCC Day Night Cross Country

A very wet muddy foggy event,  If racing at night in the trees isn’t hard enough throw in lots of rain creating  some of the mudeset slippy track conditions i have ever riden.  Some of the hills which are normally preety easy became very interesting to say the least there were bikes stuck every where. But the mud or the dark wern’t the most difficult part of this race it was the fog that rendered even the best lights preety much useless and in the last part of the race it was becoming very hard to even see wear the track was let alone try and race.
Even in these very trying conditions and with bent bars and leavers from my 7 or 8 crashes i still managed to limp home and  finish 3rd in the open class i guess i wasn’t the only one having problems in these conditions. After the race i decided that i quite enjoyed it but at the time i was very happy to see the chequred flag.
A big Shot out to the MDMCC for runing such a cool event.

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